Remembering Strong Passwords

Before we start you need to know that no password is completely hacker-safe …but having a strong password certainly helps to keep them out and your site safe.

Now, strong passwords are usually impossible to remember because they’re going to be a jumble of letters and numbers that make no sense to you but here’s a great little tip I learned from Hostgator’s support team.

Making Your Password Strength ‘Very Strong’

Make up a simple sentance that is relevant to your own life and that you’ll remember easily after a few repetitions, such as “I have 3 children and 1 dog.  Tom Nancy Oliver and Rocky”.

Note: To help remember the passwords correctly I’ve made a couple of password ‘rules’ for myself, so I always know that:  in place of a fullstop I use an underscore _  (some sites don’t allow fullstops in passwords) and I never include a fullstop (underscore) at the end of the sentance.

So the above sentance cuts down to make the following password which is a good mixture of numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters with the underscore thrown in for good measure:


I  took…

I   – capital ‘I’ as it’s the beginning of the sentance
h   – have
3   – the number of children
c   – children
a   – and
1   – number of dogs
d   – dog
_   – underscore is for the fullstop as some sites won’t accept a fullstop
T   – Tom
N  – Nancy
O   – Oliver
a  –  and
R   – Rocky





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